A La Lune aims to inspire the world with imagination, seeking the unique values within each individual, helping them to recognize and embrace their creativity. Together, we can create a world where everyone has access to freedom, fantasy and beauty. We are innovators, game-changers, defenders of our beliefs, and seekers of truth. By raising awareness about animal protection and climate change, we are preserving them. By embracing cultural diversity, supporting Multiculturalism and enhancing innovation sustainably, we create a positive social impact. At A La Lune, we are always defending our beliefs, no matter the subject and no matter how many times, not only do we care but we act.



Human activities have altered nearly 75% of the Earth’s surface, and anthropocentrism has taken a huge toll on the species diversity of this planet. According to the 2019 Global Assessment of Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service, around 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction – many within decades. We pledge never to test on animals and we respect all life on Earth. We revere and cherish diversity in nature and among people. A La Lune products are not only cruelty-free and vegan, but we also donate up to $10 for each bottle sold to animal foundations. It has been successful in promoting the well-being of both human beings and nature.

Together, we can address the most serious threats to life on Earth and safeguard the natural riches which nourish and inspire the world.


A La Lune fragrances are created by perfumers from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. The timeless accords of the Oud and Phoebe Zhennan continue to echo the rich heritage of the East, a heritage that has been passed down for millenniums. With our perfume creations, we are able to recapture the memories. At A La Lune, we envelop cultural diversity and inclusivity; incorporate them into our creations by recognizing the dynamic role that each individual’s various cultural backgrounds and heritage contribute to the world. A La Lune’s fragrance creations cross gender and genre; we do not label or categorize, but rather offer the pure, authentic olfactory experience of scent. A La Luners have worked in a wide range of industries, including IT, hospitality industry, finance, and banking, etc. Our collective vision and imagination led us to a new chapter — a bold quest for the practicalities and viability of integrating aromas into art, aromatherapy and data science.


A la Lune has a forward-thinking corporate concept, beginning with the use of eco-friendly, IFC-certified paper and reusable bottles. The owner of each bottle is urged to recycle it and receives a $5 coupon in exchange. A La Lune promotes environmentally friendly growth by looking for new ways to push the boundaries of fragrance components and encourage sustainable development in the fragrance industry.



We aim to make a real and meaningful contribution to promoting cultural diversity and creating a sustainable environment.  


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