Memories of Galloping through the Battlefield

Blessed by the presbyter, the warriors’ mana is refueled by the magic of the Trinity blood. Fully armed knights gallop their warhorses through the battlefield, yet nothing guarantees victory in war, except desire. Trinity blood, unlock the inner desire. Returning to the ancient battlefield with Trinity Blood and dance with the poisoned blade! Trinity Blood Solid Perfume is a new and innovative way to wear and transport your olfactory armor. Simply toss this fillable metal case into your quiver for an easy scent touch-up on the go.


Incense of Tibetan Ritual

The voyage memory of the frosty highland has been long forgotten. Moonlight Cypress transports Artemisia, through the tundra forest, greeting with the green branches of juniper and sage. As pilgrims walk amidst the snow and ice, the presence of Sabina Przewalskii and white musk, in its unique creation, internalizes the pure essence of Tibetan Rituals. As a mystery, the Moonlight Cypress L’eau de parfum enlightens the soul to reach a deeper dimension. The air of ritual carried by time, but never out of date for its ageless. The inlaid stone is a natural green agate.

SANTAL Extreme

Echo of a Thousand-year Empire

The solid perfume Santal Extreme by A La Lune evokes the palace memories of a long-lived Empire. It preserves magnificence and elegance in the solid form. The finest ingredients like Frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin tears emblemize timeless courtly charm. Listen to the echo of a thousand-year empire with A La Lune’s creation. Step into the ancient palace of the Far East with Santal Extreme.

The inlaid stone is natural ruby.

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